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FEMCUP came about purely by chance. I was the typical unconscious woman who wanted ease of use, handy menstrual product.
Julie Fitzpatrick
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Our Story
Founder Julie Fitzpatrick was the typical unconscious woman; she wanted ease of use, handy menstrual products and for the last 20+ years was brainwashed into believing that disposable was best.

After giving birth to 2 babies, she was awakened to the massively detrimental impact that disposable items were having, not only to her and her kids’ bodies, but also the environment and her finances! Nappies and wipes were the first wakeup call, closely followed by her regular and now heavy use of menstrual products. She was going through around 20-30 tampons initially as well as pads per period; the tampons no longer absorbed past 30 minutes post kids. There was also the issue of now being aware that the tampons and pads were full of toxic chemicals and plastics that were continually being placed inside and around this intimate and delicate area – what goes inside and on to our skin does get absorbed by the body – its our biggest sponge!
Something had to change and quickly. Armed with this information, Julie bought some menstrual cups and fell in love to a point…..hear her out! She tried loads of them over time and whilst most aspects were good, not all boxes were ticked. Also came the hygiene aspect, emptying a cup and when out and about, then having to reinsert the same cup again….not ideal! Coming from both a medical and nutritional background, she realized the potential long term implications of where this could lead.
Thus FEMCUP was born!


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Returns Policy

Due to the intimate nature of FEMCUP being a personal menstrual product, we are unable
to offer any returns. You are welcome to change your mind & get a refund if your order
hasn’t yet shipped. Please email sales@fem-cup.com to confirm if we have shipped.
If you have any questions prior to ordering, please feel free to reach out by email and we
will be able to advise which products would be best for you


Your FEMCUP orders are packaged in a discreet cardboard box (recycled of course!) and
are shipped from our warehouse to your door! To minimize any additional waste for our
world, we have conveniently printed our Instructions For Use (LINK) on the side of the
inner tube.

Shipping & Delivery

At FEMCUP our priority is for your purchase to reach you as quickly as possible. Orders will be shipped next working day from date placed. When you place your order, you will receive your confirmation email. Please check everything is correct. The next email from FEMCUP will have dispatch details as well as tracking details, where possible, for every package we dispatch which gives everyone peace of mind.
Postal charges vary depending on where you are in the world. Wherever you order from globally, rest assured you will know exactly where your package is and the date it is due
for delivery.
UK Delivery – £4.95
International – varies
Within UK, delivery will take 2-3 days. Europe may take up to 10 days, depending on location. International shipping may take from 10-25 days, again depending on location. All locations outside of UK and some of the European Union are subject to additional import fees and taxes. Please be aware that this is an additional fee that you as the purchaser will incur when collecting your goods.